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The Project with Robin is a full service design studio. In addition to my design services, I am an expert in paint color consultation. The scope of all projects varies greatly from large to small. I offer clients the freedom to choose the way in which they use my service.


All projects begin with an in home consultation, after which you can choose the way the project will be executed. You can do it yourself (doing it on your time frame and using resources available to the general public). I can do it myself (using a traditional designer model sourcing materials available to the trade only). Or we work on it together (a combination of both of the above).  


It’s important for the project to be a collaborative experience. My goal is to guide you through the design process emphasizing the elements that should take first priority and then working from there. I am committed to listening to you, being honest and letting you be in control. You spend a lot of time in your home; I want to help make sure you feel happy while you’re there.


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"Robin is fun to work with! There are two things I liked best: she's a great listener and I never felt pressured. On the design front, Robin is a color master.... she just knows how to get it right. She's also an expert at "repurposing"... give her an old chair or table or mirror and she will make it new, exciting and fresh again. And when it comes to service, Robin puts a lot of emphasis on communication. She provided quick turnaround when I needed it and always provided me with top notch service. The best part of all, my home represents me and my family's "life vibe," which is the sign of a really great designer. "

Lynne, Darien, CT 

"Robin was an absolute joy to work with on our family room/kitchen renovation. Robin has amazing taste and she is so much fun to work with.  She is knowledgeable, creative, flexible and is the best listener.  She made sure she understood our expectations and then magically made us feel like we were the creative genius!   Robin kept our project on track and was not afraid to give us her honest opinion throughout.   I hoped to use a mix of antiques and new pieces and she brought both together in the most fantastic way – just beautiful!  I love how everything looks and thoroughly enjoyed our creative collaboration.   I need a new project just so we can tackle another renovation together…Robin is the best!"  

Lizanne, Summit, NJ 

"I loved working with Robin. I had a strong desire to get a project DONE, and Robin helped me do just that. On time, on budget, and beautifully designed. She has an incredible style and eye while being accessible, flexible, funny and practical. She totally 'got' my priorities as a mother of young children trying to make a lovely (but not fussy) home. I also felt like Robin was transparent in her pricing, and there were no surprises along the way. She was generous with her time and open to giving ideas and feedback on rooms beyond our immediate project, as time allowed. She completely delivered for my family's den beyond my expectations, and she was fun to work with too! Can't wait to work with her on the next room on my list!"

Lauren, Summit, NJ

"She's real, thinks about what YOU want and super fun to hang out with."

Vani, Short Hills, NJ

"Leveraging her knowledge of fabrics, colors and lighting, Robin created the perfect space for us. Our family room went from a place we never spent time in to a place we don't want to leave! She listened to our requests, stayed within budget and made the process fun!"

Suzanne, Short Hills, NJ

"When tackling my first full house renovation, I knew that I needed some help and Robin was the answer to my prayers! She kept me on track and did not allow me to get too distracted by everything that is out there. She encouraged me to get outside of my comfort zone and take some design risks that are now some of my favorite pieces in my new home. On top of all of this, she is a good listener and just a great person to be around during what can be a stressful process. My family and I have Robin to thank for our beautiful home design."

Suzanne, Bay Head, NJ

Robin Naylor’s passion for designing spaces began at an early age when she became obsessed with drawing floor plans for fictional tree houses. She was a DIYer long before it became a thing, often found painting old furniture or embroidering her jeans. 

Early in her career she landed at Vogue where her passion for style and fashion took on a new meaning. I felt like a prairie girl in comparison to these fashionistas and that has to change - quickly. And it did.

In later years, Robin and her husband Peter moved to the suburbs to raise their two daughters, Katherine and Brooke. Robin launched her first business - a women’s line of clothing designed to dress up the “mom uniform.” 

After several moves, which required home renovation and decor, she realized home design projects required the skills she had taken years to hone - vision, style, and organization. At the end of each project she found herself craving the next, so in 2016, The Project with Robin was launched.

Robin has a keen eye for color. She is the master of the edit (removing and rearranging). She is intent on listening to her client’s needs, so the project is truly a reflection of the people who live there. My goal is to help make people feel happy in their home, which could just mean getting rid of a lot of stuff.

Her project mantras: If you don’t like it, get rid of it. Always take (at least) one bold decorating risk!


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